The Devil's Eye (The Remnants of War Series, Book 3)

The Devil's Eye (The Remnants of War Series, Book 3)

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After a bloody tour in Afghanistan with a Marine Recon unit, then a short career with the NYPD, Francois Dupont battles alcoholism, drugs and PTSD. When a childhood friend and brother of a deceased army buddy asks Francois to find their sister Jasmine qJazzq, Francois sees an opportunity for redemption. Finding the twenty-two year-old woman is easy. Shaking the shadowy tails following them from New Orleans back to Brooklyn is proving more difficult. The mob is convinced Jazz has the Devil's Eyea€”a 3000 year old gem with reputed powers. The DOD isn't far behind, intent on acquiring and weaponizing the radiation emitted by The Eye, at any cost. The secret to The Eye's location lies somewhere in Jazz's haunted past. But can Francois get to the gem before the enemy claims it and the only woman he's ever cared for? THE REMNANTS OF WAR, in series order The Last Operation The Doppelganger Protocol The Devil's Eye Twilight of Demonsaquot;Aina#39;t no way I knew what Gomeza#39;d be up to, he just rode that big Harley of his right up to my door, and said I need a favor. ... Ia#39;ll track you down and slit your throat, if Ia#39;m in jail, my brothers will catch up with you, tie you behind a Harley Trike, anbsp;...

Title:The Devil's Eye (The Remnants of War Series, Book 3)
Author:Patrick Astre
Publisher:ePublishing Works! - 2013-12-05


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