The Deepest Side of Love

The Deepest Side of Love

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The Thomas and Mayfield family are closer than ever. From the outside things look great, but personal and emotional issues have surfaced to cause serious problems. Everyone has gotten older and despite the successes the family has enjoyed there is distrust, unhappiness and more secrets. Adam and Aira's relationship is in trouble and some of the children in the family needed a good whipping. Junior Mayfield have major decisions to make and Delano Devereaux, the ex-drug dealer comes face to face with his past. Aira C. Mayfield narrates the story and takes you through each family member's house to show you that we will all go through trials and storms that can shake the foundations of your life. But they are holding on until they can get right! Each Sunday they receive reaffirming relief from Pastor Miles sermons, while forcing their minds not to drift and to pay attention to the signs. Relationships become tore and the evilness of sin are upon them. One by one they struggle to understand the changes and how to effectively overcome any battle the world brings because they know money can't fix all their woes and sorrows. Love and patience can conquer all but there is no getting through to some people. Is the pain too great or are they that hard-headed and stuck in their ways? Will there be forgiveness?a€œNO!a€ Stacey and Mark Eric looked at each other. a€œThen why are they having foreplaya€, Erin asked her brother happily eating the apple to the core. ... a€œHe likes them Ford F150a#39;sa€, said Junior and rushed away to the operation room. ... a€œ Thanks bro, I got a few more clients this week and Ia#39;ll start stashing away what I owe. Ia#39;ll getanbsp;...

Title:The Deepest Side of Love
Author:Adriana Jai Wynn-Yeldell
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-01-07


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