The Deeper Path

The Deeper Path

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The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you discover why. This book is for those who desire the answer to the qwhyq question, and this answer is found only by taking the Deeper Path. One emotion infects us all--pain. But although pain comes naturally, dealing with it doesn't. Many cope by masking their pain, pushing it below the surface and self-medicating it with apathy, aggression, and addictions. Unfortunately, these strategies only numb our pain and our potential, creating space between us and our purpose. Although we can't escape pain, author Kary Oberbrunner believes that the path of recovery begins when we stop avoiding the ache and instead choose to explore, unmask, and understand our deepest wounds. The answer is not to rid our lives of pain, but to learn how to let our hurts lead us to healing. In this transparent book, Kary shares his own story of overcoming self-injury while integrating relatable examples from education, government, entertainment, business, and faith. With deep compassion and clarity, Kary reveals a profound model that helps the reader move toward freedom and become a soul on fire.Unifying Strategies: Whata#39;s necessary for me to achieve this? Scorecard for Significance: How do I know Ia#39;m hitting my target? Many of usare visual learners, and ita#39;s time for us to see an example of anOPUS and a CORE Six Pack. There areanbsp;...

Title:The Deeper Path
Author:Kary Oberbrunner
Publisher:Baker Books - 2013-02-15


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