The Darkness After

The Darkness After

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TWO TEENAGERS FIGHT TO SURVIVE IN AN AMERICA GONE DARK When massive solar flares send an intense electromagnetic pulse to Earth, every electrical device is fried instantly. The modern world that sixteen-year-old Mitch Henley has always known comes crashing down. Anarchy, looting and chaos explode all around him. Stranded in New Orleans, Mitch escapes into the Mississippi backwoods he knows so well, hoping to stay alive using the survival and hunting skills he learned from his game-warden father. Alone and on foot, Mitch sets out to make his way back to the family farm and his younger sister. Not knowing if his parents are dead or alive, nothing else matters . . . until he meets April Gibbs along the way. Smart, beautiful, lethal and alone, she is also making a treacherous trek to find her lost family. They decide to travel together for safety, but neither can begin to imagine the danger that awaits them in the woods. Set in the same anarchy-and-desperation-reigned world of the authora€™s dystopian thriller: The Pulse, The Darkness After a frightening look at how fragile our technologically dependent lifestyle really is.a€œHardly new, but yeah, ita#39;s a a#39;99 Honda Accord, so new enough that it wona#39;t run.a€ a€œ Well, his Mustang sure is pretty sweet. ... He was having carburetor problems and had bought a rebuild kit for it. He went off and left the parts all over our kitchenanbsp;...

Title:The Darkness After
Author:Scott B. Williams
Publisher:Ulysses Press - 2013-08-20


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