The Cyber Christ Chronicles

The Cyber Christ Chronicles

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The battle is on. The battle is for your life. A battle that very few even know exists. A man goes to sleep one night as he's done a thousand times before. In a series of dreams he lays on an operating table as a bright light shines in his eyes. Someone is performing surgery on him, but for what purpose? The final dream reveals that purpose. God has installed a supernatural armor upon his body. Upon awakening from the final dream, he finds an envelope with his name on it. Though he does not remember writing it, it is in his handwriting. He opens the envelope to find a letter written by God's hand. The man has been asked to take his place as a Cyber Christ. He will be a prayer warrior that will travel into people's minds to experience the attacks on their lives. In the process, he will be bringing the Word of God that delivers them. Now the adventure begins.The battle is on.

Title:The Cyber Christ Chronicles
Author:Billy Bruce Teague
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2003-10-01


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