The Cut the Crap! Guide to Music Technology

The Cut the Crap! Guide to Music Technology

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Whether you're a guitarist trying to make your guitar go gneee flumph and oo-ee-oo-ee, a bass player who's fed up with the same old sounds or a bedroom techno overlord working on the number one hits of the future, technology can help turn your ideas into reality. get - samplers, MIDI, guitar equipment and even things for drummers - and explains what they do, who's using them, and what you should look for when you go shopping. It also tells you what to do when technology attacks: why you should always assume things will go spectacularly wrong at the worst possible moment, and what you can do to make sure it doesn't irritate you.DIVX DIVX uses similar technology to Applea#39;s QuickTime, and is a familiar sight on file-sharing ... got widespread support (98% of lnternet users have the Flash plugin) and the ability to create your entire website in the format.

Title:The Cut the Crap! Guide to Music Technology
Author:Gary Marshall
Publisher:Artemis Music Ltd - 2003


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