The Cultural Dimension of Sino-Japanese Relations

The Cultural Dimension of Sino-Japanese Relations

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This book examines the modern relationship between China and Japan from a variety of angles, focusing on the issue of cultural ties. In the first half of the work, China in Japan, the author addresses a number of issues in Chinese history raised in Japanese academic circles and the impact of the latter back in China. He takes up such themes as the revival of Chinese historical figures in modern Japan and China, the new debate over local community (kyodotai) as an analytic tool in Japanese Sinology, and the debate over the Asiatic Mode of Production. While the periods of history under analysis vary from early medieval China to the immediate pre-WWII years, the issues analyzed reveal abiding concerns on both sides of the East China Sea. The second section of the book, Japan in China, looks at Japanese travelers on Chinese soil in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Japanese researchers of the South Manchurian Railway Company in Manchuria, and the development of the field of Japanology in China. It focuses on the perceptions of Chinese and Japanese of each other and the information that helped fuel those perceptions.Presents the perceptions that the Chinese and the Japanese have of each other, and the information that helped to fuel those perceptions.

Title:The Cultural Dimension of Sino-Japanese Relations
Author:Joshua A. Fogel
Publisher:M.E. Sharpe - 1995-01


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