The Crustacean Nervous System

The Crustacean Nervous System

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Crustacean preparations have been successfully used for more than 50 years to investigate the principles which enable nerve cells and neural circuitry to perform in a wide variety of functions. The proud record of information of general significance obtained from crayfish and lobster nervous systems testifies that the use of an experimental system precisely matching theoretical and experimental requirements ofa measurement is an essential part of the success. In some respects, the secondarily diversified vertebrate and mammalian nervous systems pose severe obstacles to experimentation and measurement, whereas the crustacean nervous system recommends itself by being composed of individual neurons of unique morphology and physiology, which can be used repeatedly in several preparations. Moreover, a restricted number of invariantly displayed behaviors enable the experimenter to correlate neuron activity with parts of the behavior easier. Experts use these advantages to focus on a well-defined neuron and mechanism and to take a convincing measurement within a minimum amount oftime. In this book distinguished neurobiologists, the leading experts in the field, have joined efforts to present research using crustacean experimental systems. Thus they have contributed comprehensive information regarding a nervous system other than that ofvertebrates and mammalians, that ofcrustaceans. The accumulated knowledge on the crustacean nervous system shows that it is clearly divergent in evolution but functions in a similar way to neuronal circuitry found in the vertebrate system and can be used to interpret it.Thus, in our in vitro experiments, AGR was stimulated in time with GM motor bursts in each gastric cycle to mimic the timing ... 3A), as predicted from the wiring diagram, although, unexpectedly, this was correlated with a strong inhibition ( ratheranbsp;...

Title:The Crustacean Nervous System
Author:Konrad Wiese
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-04-17


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