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This is a story about the memories of an only child growing up on a South Georgia cotton and peanut farm during the Depression and World War II years. Cross Roads kinfolk and cousins were Peggya€™s playmates. She speaks about the hardships of picking cotton, stacking peanuts, running a cucumber growing enterprise, and making ends meet with the help of moonshining. It was a long trip to town by horse or mule, so many farmers had small stores for providing the necessary staples and a place for farmers, kinfolk, and farm hands to meet and socialize. Peggy writes about the nature of the school systems, marriage disappointments and successes, raising four children and helping with eight grandchildren. Rural living in hard times brought happy occasions with barbeques, church socials, picnics, dances, movies and constant changes in sweethearts as part of growing up. She lets you in on her personal outlook on Southern living in the days of segregation and the changes to the new order of today. Now she is a leader for family and high school reunions. This book puts us back in focus on historical events that was a part of shaping our lives. This book is so qfrom the heartq. It helps us understand our past and how one fleeting moment can change our whole life. There is no love to compare to a Mother's love, so deeply expressed in this book. It brings back a lot of memories out of the dark recesses of the mind.clerk in the Aircraft Maintenance Records office. My supervisor was ... It would have been a great job, if I had not been so depressed and unhappy. ... It was hard for me to give up my job and to move away from Mama and Daddy. Debra hadanbsp;...

Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2004-08-03


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