The Crisis Manager

The Crisis Manager

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Responding to the era of crises in which we now live, The Crisis Manager offers wise counsel for anticipating and responding to crises as well as taking the steps required to reduce the impact of these events. Spotlighting the reality of crisis at levels ranging from local to global, author Otto Lerbinger helps readers understand the approaches and ways of thinking required for successful crisis management in today's world. As no organization or individual is immune from crisis, he guides managers to make good decisions under conditions of high uncertainty, and to consider the interests not only of stockholders but also of a wide variety of stakeholders. With a focus on the threat of crises to an organization's most valuable asset a€“ its reputation a€“ The Crisis Manager covers: Preparation for crisis, including crisis communication planning Physical crises a€“ natural, biological, and technological qHuman climateq crises, stemming from targeted attacks on an organization's policies, actions, or physical holdings Crises due to management failure, including mismanagement, skewed values, deception, and misconduct New to this second edition are the use of social media in crisis management, and chapters on image restoration strategies and crises stemming from mismanagement, as well as a comprehensive updating of the entire work. Real-world case studies provide examples of what worked and what did not work, and the reasons why. Written for present and future crisis managers in all types of businesses and organizations, this resource will be required reading for students in public relations, business, and management, as it prepares them for their crucial roles as decision makers.They a€œrelied on discipline, calm teamwork and in the end, manual flying skills to turn a harrowCompetence may ... against Gulfstream for alleged faulty record- keeping and substandard aircraft maintenance.847 Mismanagement took the form ofanbsp;...

Title:The Crisis Manager
Author:Otto Lerbinger
Publisher:Routledge - 2011-11


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