The Cowboy's Pride & the Paternity Proposition

The Cowboy's Pride & the Paternity Proposition

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Two classic stories of powerful mena€bwrapped around their babies' little fingers THE COWBOY'S PRIDE Even a year of separation hasn't slaked rancher Clayton Worth's desire for his soon-to-be ex-wife. Trish's mysterious reluctance to have kids is what drove them apart. Now she's back in Red Ridgea€”and mother to a baby girl! Clayton thought it was all over between thema€bbut it seems their hearts have other ideas. THE PATERNITY PROPOSITION Billionaire Alex Dalton has been with many women. Now he needs just onea€”Julie Bartlett, the fiery redhead he spent one hot night with. Might she be the mother of a baby left on the Dalton doorstep? It's either his child or his brother's, but the paternity test is inconclusive. He needs Julie's DNA. And Alex vows to tempt her into giving him everything he wants.Two hundred pounds of muscle, brawn and deadly good looks, coupled with her adorable nearly five-month-old baby, who seemed suddenly and magically mesmerized, ... a€œCan I get my Tonka truck now? ... a€œGive Mrs. Worth your tokens now.

Title:The Cowboy's Pride & the Paternity Proposition
Author:Charlene Sands, Merline Lovelace
Publisher:Harlequin - 2015-04-21


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