The Consultants Business Book

The Consultants Business Book

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This book starts with a self evaluation to help determine what skills needed to develop to ensure success. From that point on it explains how to build a successful consulting company. The Consultants Business Book guides the reader through the formation of a company, how to establish a business identity and how to create a business and marketing plan to help the business grow. Many consultants start their own small business and run it out of their home until it expands and needs office space. Finances, public relations and how to find and keep clients is covered in an easy to read format that provides a step by step guideline to creating a successful, growing business. How to establish prices for services and how to deal with competition is a section that even experienced entrepreneurs should review. The training section of the book provides insight into what makes training sessions come alive. It provides tips and techniques to help make presentations sizzle, and even reveals some magic tricks that trainers can incorporate into their routines. For those who want to start their business in their own home the book provides useful insights to make that office efficient and effective.Variable Expenses- Student books, handout material, lunches, CDa#39;s for clients Fixed Expenses- Insurance, License and permits, Rent, Utilities, Vehicle expense , postage, cell telephone, Advertising Net Income from Operations Take youranbsp;...

Title:The Consultants Business Book
Author:Joe Teeples
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-06-10


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