The Construction of Logical Space

The Construction of Logical Space

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Our conception of logical space is the set of distinctions we use to navigate the world. AgustAsn Rayo defends the idea that one's conception of logical space is shaped by one's acceptance or rejection of 'just is'-statements: statements like 'to be composed of water just is to be composed of H2O'. The resulting picture is used to articulate a conception of metaphysical possibility that does not depend on a reduction of the modal to the non-modal, and todevelop a trivialist philosophy of mathematics, according to which the truths of pure mathematics have trivial truth-conditions.And it isna#39;t always easy to separate the two. Rejecting a a#39;just isa#39;a€”statement comes at a cost, since it increases the range of questions that are regarded as rightfully demanding answers (why does this gas have high kinetic energy, in addition toanbsp;...

Title:The Construction of Logical Space
Author:Agustín Rayo
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2013-06-27


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