The Complete Idiot's Guide to Electronics 101

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Electronics 101

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A creative spark for electronic enthusiasts. The Complete Idiot's GuideAr to Electronics 101 teaches readers the fundamentals of electronics in an engaging, hands-on way. Appropriate for students and aspiring hobbyists alike, this book is loaded with more than a dozen projects that start simple and progressively get more involved as the reader moves through the book. Topics include: fundamentals of electronics: electrons, voltage, current, power, conductors, insulators, semiconductors, etc.; designing, building, and modifying circuit boards; sensors and controllers; and transmitters and receivers. ? Community college enrollment-where basic courses in electronics are most often taught-is at an all time high, up 8% from 2008 enrollment to 3.4 million new students per year. ? Specifically designed to appeal to both students and hobbyists with lost of fun, hands-on projects to aid in the learning process.Materials: 1 9 V battery Breadboard 1 2N2222 NPN transistor 1 red LED 1 560 Ic resistor (green blue brown) Jumper wire Instructions: 1. Connect the components as shown in the diagram. 2. Use Ohma#39;s Law to calculate the current provided byanbsp;...

Title:The Complete Idiot's Guide to Electronics 101
Author:Jean Riescher Westcott, Sean Westcott
Publisher:Penguin - 2011-07-05


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