The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care

The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care

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Celeste Yarnalla€™s time-tested natural and holistic expertise gives cat owners insight into natural alternatives in food, medication, alternative therapies, and healing practices, improving the lives of feline friends and well as their caregivers. With Dr. Jean Hofve, the esteemed holistic veterinarian, she explores nutrition as preventative medicine, vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathic treatments, and groundbreaking anti-aging modalities never before published in a pet care guide. The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care also includes a complete bibliography and a list of suppliers of holistic remedies and services. As with all other pet health guides, it is a comprehensive resource intended to complement veterinary care, not replace it.... Jean Hofve. Butch, a Celestecats Champagne Mink Tonkinese, ninth generation raw fooda€”fed kitten ... According to all the cat experts, Butch was not supposed to know how to dissect the prey, let alone eat it once he caught it. Allegedly aanbsp;...

Title:The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care
Author:Celeste Yarnall, Jean Hofve
Publisher:Quarry Books - 2009-09-01


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