The Collected Short Stories of Harriette Simpson Arnow

The Collected Short Stories of Harriette Simpson Arnow

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Harriette Simpson Arnow is an American treasure. Of the twenty-five stories in this collection, fifteen were previously unpublished. Until now, the short fiction of Arnow has remained relatively obscure despite the literary acclaim given to her novels The Dollmaker and Huntera€™s Horn. These stories, written early in her career for the most part, reveal an artistic vision and narrative skill and serve as harbingers for her later work. They echo her interest in both agrarian and urban communities, the sharpening of her social conscience, and her commitment to creating credible and complex characters. This collection is organized against the backdrop of her life, from Kentucky in the 1920s to Ohio and Kentucky in the 1930s and to Michigan in the 1940s. As Arnow fans read these early gems, they will be led from gravel roads to city pavement and open layers of Arnowa€™s development as a novelist to expose the full range of her contributions to American literature. In 1938, Esquire purchased qThe Hunters, q which was eventually published as qThe Two Hunters, q a chilling story of a seventeen-year- old boya€™s confrontation with a deputy sheriff. At the time, Esquire did not accept submissions from women, and its editors had no idea that writer H. L. Simpson was not a man. Years later, she admitted in an interview, qit worried me a little, that big lie, but I thought if they wanted a story, let them have it.q Esquire paid her $125 for this story. The contributora€™s notes at the back of the magazine include a photo of qH.L.Simpson, q actually a photo of one of her brothers-in-law. It was her little joke on a publisher that discriminated against women.... a€”from the Introduction... Patrick Henryand the Craigsa€”the Regulatorsa€”even the speechof Dragging Canoea€”frontier thoughts she had called them forthe frontier had thoughts as well as ... She glanced once at the folded paperinthe car seat, lifted herhand partway, dropped it andsat, staring straightinfront ofher. ... cherished because they werethegifts of the childrena€”so many small things and she could not use them all.

Title:The Collected Short Stories of Harriette Simpson Arnow
Author:Harriette Simpson Arnow
Publisher:MSU Press - 2005-10-11


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