The Clock Shop

The Clock Shop

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Rikker felt his gut tightening up. After thirty years as an intelligence officer, he always thought six steps ahead of everyone else. He always knew what to expect, and most of the time he was right. He didn't like surprises and avoided them by being better than the other guy. But this was different, he'd been caught off guard, and, he had no idea of what to expect. In the back of his head he could hear Mary's voice saying, 'what if, Charles, what if?' Colonel Charles Rikker is too logical to believe that anything mysterious or dark has entered his life. He's risked his life for countless covert operations, and he has always known the risks involved. But this journey is only a project, a simple trip to find an antique grandfather clock. His mind is as fit as his body, but nothing could prepare Charles for the Emit Levart Clock Shop. In 2004 NASA built the most advanced navigational computer in the world. Although unintentionally, that computer made it possible for a space shuttle to travel at the speed of light which, in turn, made time travel a reality. When this secretive, new technology gets into the wrong hands, the future of the world is in peril. But Charles learns the horrifying truth-only because it came to him in The Clock Shop. He doesn't know why he has been chosen, but he does know that if he tries to explain what he must do next, no one will believe him anyway.Hea#39;s good with computers, LYA, real good. But his intentions are not good. a€œPaul said you knew about the motion sensor and would provide an electrical schematic for the installation. Will that be a problem?a€ a€œNot a problem, Scott. Paul startedanbsp;...

Title:The Clock Shop
Author:Richard Ashland
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-02


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