The Clandestine Novelist

The Clandestine Novelist

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At the age of 24, Mike Benjamin is visited in sleep by the angel of revelation, and commanded to carry on the work of John Steinbeck. Thus begins a 15-year quest that forever threatens to teeter into the absurd. Far from being another self-congratulatory writer's memoir, qThe Clandestine Novelistq is a reminder that the pursuit of art sometimes carries a ludicrous price. qqThe Clandestine Novelistq is a hilarious novel with a sharply ironic edge. Mike Benjamin, the narrator, must find his way in a world that makes its artists heroes at the same time it abandons them. This is a contradiction that haunts all the Yossarians of our society.q --Tony Trigilio, author of q'Strange Prophecies Anew' Rereading Apocalypse in Blake, H.D., q and qGinsbergq qEvich takes us on a rollicking tour through the land of rejection letters and low-pay jobs, a.k.a. the writing life.q --Pagan KennedyI congratulated her on her choice of verb tense, and folded the piece of paper she had given me inside my wallet. ... of paper and committed her phone number to memory against the unlikely event of being robbed at knifepoint while walking home. ... I also had run up some debt on my credit card, and had to pay off my $400 hospital bill. ... a€œWasna#39;t 3, 000 miles away from me and your mom far enough ?

Title:The Clandestine Novelist
Author:Mitch Evich
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-10-01


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