The Civil War Volume I

The Civil War Volume I

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A narrative history of the American Civil War, which covers not only the battles and the troop movements but also the social background that brought on the war and led, in the end, to the South's defeat.By now the Jerseymen were nearer, and this time it was as if they struck a trip- wire. ... brand-new articles, just from the original packages, to the scarcely recognizable exuviae of the rebels, who had made use of the opportunity to renew their toilets. .... For this there were various causes a€” Jacksona#39;s sketchy instructions, inefficient guides, the droves of stragglers a€” but even this blundering performanceanbsp;...

Title:The Civil War Volume I
Author:Shelby Foote
Publisher:Random House - 2011-08-31


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