The Citizen's Guide to the U. S. Navy

The Citizen's Guide to the U. S. Navy

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Most Americans know little about their Navy and learning about it can be daunting. But this informative yet highly accessible guide explains the sometimes strange ways of the U.S. Navy in terms civilians can understand. It addresses such things as the many titles military people have, the alphanumeric designations used to identify military personnel, the organization of the Navy and its many missions, the origin and practice of such things as saluting, flag etiquette, and side boys. Also included are an overview of the Navy's colorful history, a primer on Navy ships and aircraft, a guide to qreadingq a uniform, and the demystification of the phonetic alphabet and military time. Designed as a quick read for those who want the full story, this handbook can also be used as a handy reference full of essential facts.Each new model of an equipment is assigned the next number in sequence, so if the Navy acquired a new surveillance and control radar for use on surface ships, it would be designated a€œSPY-2. ... With what we now know about electronic designations, we can determine that an AN/PRC-66B is a portable (P) radio (R) used for communications (C) purposes with a model number of a€œ66, a€ and this is theanbsp;...

Title:The Citizen's Guide to the U. S. Navy
Author:Thomas Cutler
Publisher:Naval Institute Press - 2013-04-04


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