The Child and the World

The Child and the World

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The Child and the World! There is nothing more wonderful to watch than a small child, 2 or 3 years old, speaking to its mother, holding a conversation with its mother. It seems miraculous that in such a short period a child can reach so far in its use of this most precious of human possessions, language. In this book I consider how it is possible that a child can acquire all the complexities of its parent language and amass a large lexicon to refer to objects and actions of all kinds, through language to mirror the world in which it fi nds itself. The miracle can be explained by accepting that all aspects of language are not arbitrary. They derive from the brain systems controlling perception and action. We internalise perceived patternings in the world and transfer them from our eyes and other senses to the motor patternings of speech. Children acquire words effortlessly because the motor programs generated by perception of particular objects or actions are matched instantaneously with the motor programs generated by the soundstructure of the words for the given objects and actions. This is the essence of the motor theory of languageExp Brain Res. 133(4):46890. 78. Gentilucci M. 2003. Object motor representation and language. Exp Brain Res. 153(2):2605. 79. ... Neuron 36 349362. 84. Hammond, G.R. ed. 1990. Cerebral Control of Speech and Movements. OUP. 85. Hughes OM, Abbs JH. 1976. Labialmandibular ... Manual activity duringspeaking. Neuropsychologia 11: 4555. ... 90. Kohler, E., C., Keysers, M.A., Umilta, L., Fogassi, V.,

Title:The Child and the World
Author:Robin Allott
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-12-30


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