The Chemistry of Organic Sulfur Compounds

The Chemistry of Organic Sulfur Compounds

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The Chemistry of Organic Sulfur Compounds deals with the chemistry of organic sulfur compounds such as thiocyanates, 1-alkynyl thioethers, thiols, and olefins. Topics covered range from the mechanisms of Raney nickel desulfuration to olefin sulfide chemistry, desulfonylation reactions, and alkaline decomposition of aliphatic disulfides. The reaction of cyanide with cystine and cystine peptides is also discussed. This volume is comprised of 15 chapters and begins with an introduction to electron correlation and bond properties in some selected sulfur compounds including thionyl and sulfuryl fluoride. The following chapters explore the mechanisms of Raney nickel desulfuration; isomerization of organic thiocyanates; polyfluoroalkyl derivatives of sulfur; anionic oxidation of thiols and co-oxidation of thiols with olefins; and the chemistry of the 1, 2-sithiole ring. Thiohydantoins, thiophosgene, and the alkaline decomposition of aliphatic disulfides are also considered. The final chapter is devoted to oxidation of disulfides, with special reference to cystine. This book will be a useful resource for organic chemists.Volume 2 has fewer chapters, but each is a more or less fully-developed critique of a special area of sulfur chemistry. ... Los Angeles, California NORMAN KHARASCH Carbondale, Illinois University of Southern California May, 1965 CAL Y.

Title:The Chemistry of Organic Sulfur Compounds
Author:Norman Kharasch, Cal Y. Meyers
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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