The Chasm Crossed

The Chasm Crossed

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There are always those of us who feel compelled or drawn to reach out beyond the confines of what we can see, feel, hear, taste or smell into the area of the unknown and unprovable which has been-in the past-the rather exclusive domain of religion and Spirituality. I was myself compelled beyond my capacity to resist to reach not only out into the unknown, but to climb whatever ladder needed to be climbed to rise up out of each box I found myself contained within (and limited by) as some sort of doctrine, philosophy, belief system, scripture, or group thought. I ended up on a very long and sometimes lonely journey which took me to a place of comfort where I felt I at least knew something- that something being a lot more than I knew before beginning the journey. Since that journey to understanding turned out to be the primary thrust and focus of attention of my whole life, I kept track of my thoughts and experiences and wrote them down- sometimes as poetry, sometimes as song, sometimes as narrative. This book highlights the narrative portion of that journey and it describes in a mystical sort of way what I found to be of practical (and impractical) value. For most of us, the journey through life is a journey from qnothingq to qsomething.q I finished that journey about age 35 and then started on the journey from something to nothing. As you will see if you read further inside, nothing merely means qno-thing.q The understanding of the word and concept is, however, tantamount to understanding qevery-thing.q... envied all had a€œchoppeda€ 1940 Ford or Mercury coupes with fender skirts, loud dual exhausts, dual carburetors ... and ... One day when I arrived at Maryannea#39;s, she greeted me at the door wearing a leopard-skin bikinia€”what there was of itanbsp;...

Title:The Chasm Crossed
Author:Kit Cain
Publisher:Christopher Cain - 2006-05-01


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