The Car-dependent Society

The Car-dependent Society

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The dependency of Western societies on the car is a unique situation in history, but does not get much attention; car use is seen as just a normal situation. The population at large knows the risks, knows the disadvantages, experiences the advantages and keeps driving. Using data from Western Europe, this book examines three key themes: frequent car use, car dependence, and the future of passenger car mobility in societies. In conclusion, in modern Western risk societies, more attention needs to be paid to car dependence, its driving forces, its advantages, its problems and challenges for the future.In Chapters 5 and6Ilookat problems and challenges for car mobility and car dependence in society. Chapter5 isabout fossil fuels and CO2. Transportis now the fastest growingdemand onfossil fuels and passenger car mobility is still almostanbsp;...

Title:The Car-dependent Society
Author:Mr Hans Jeekel
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2013-07-28


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