The Cambridge Guide to the Solar System

The Cambridge Guide to the Solar System

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Richly illustrated with full-color images, this book is a comprehensive, up-to-date description of the planets, their moons, and recent exoplanet discoveries. This second edition of a now classic reference is brought up to date with fascinating new discoveries from 12 recent Solar System missions. Examples include water on the Moon, volcanism on Mercury's previously unseen half, vast buried glaciers on Mars, geysers on Saturn's moon Enceladus, lakes of hydrocarbons on Titan, encounter with asteroid Itokawa, and sample return from comet Wild 2. The book is further enhanced by hundreds of striking new images of the planets and moons. Written at an introductory level appropriate for undergraduate and high-school students, it provides fresh insights that appeal to anyone with an interest in planetary science. A website hosted by the author contains all the images in the book with an overview of their importance. A link to this can be found at gigantic canyon, dubbed Valles Marineris after Mariner 9, could stretch from New York City to San Francisco, ... the canyon walls, howling winds roared through the canyons, and liquid water apparently once existed in parts of the abyss.

Title:The Cambridge Guide to the Solar System
Author:Kenneth R. Lang
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2011-03-03


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