The Business of Shipping

The Business of Shipping

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T HIS VOL U M E has been written to describe the business side of a commercial enterprise whose field is the entire civilized world. Historically, the theory and knowledge of shipping management, as distinguished from the practical skills of seaman ship, have been transmitted from one generation to the next by word of mouth. Little has been put on paper, primarily because the finest exponents of the art of steamship management have been too busy with their day-to-day concerns to do so. The qworking levelq personnel often are superbly competent, but rarely qualify as liter ary craftsmen. It has been my aim, in preparing this analysis of the principles of the qbusinessq of commercial shipping, to describe that which trans pires in the various divisions of a shipowning and operating organi zation. Insofar as possible, the procedures followed in the offices have been described and explained, as well as the underlying prin ciples of management by which their decisions are reached. In the process of learning the principles and practices that are set forth in these pages, I have spent ajoy-filled lifetime in associa tion with ships. It has been my good fortune to work in large and small American steamship offices, to operate a major cargo termi nal, to participate in establishing and putting into effect the policies of a world-girdling American steamship organization, and to teach young men these principles learned from experience as well as from precept.60, 000 TO70, 000 TONS HEAVYGRAIN NEW ORLEANS TO ONE PORT BORDEAUXHAMBURG RANGE. ... that a voyage of the Great Viking toa North European port is desirable at this time because of certain shipyard repairs he has planned for her. Berg immediately sends this cableto Burnett: NORWEGIAN MOTORSHIP GREAT VIKING, SERVICE SPEED 15 KNOTS, 64, 000 TONS DEADWEIGHT, anbsp;...

Title:The Business of Shipping
Author:Lane C. Kendall
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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