The Business of Alchemy

The Business of Alchemy

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In showing how an overriding concern with religious salvation was transformed into a concentration on material increase and economic policies, Pamela Smith depicts the rise of modern sicence and early capitalism in the 16th- and 17-century world of the Holy Roman Empire. Smith uses as example the life of Johann Joachim Becher (1635-1682), whose ideasfrom alchemy to economicstypify those of his generation. 30 photos.The manual labor of refining nature for human needs, common to all Handwerck and thought by Paracelsus to be exemplified in the refining processes of alchemy , brought about the reformation and ultimately the redemption of the world andanbsp;...

Title:The Business of Alchemy
Author:Pamela H. Smith
Publisher:Princeton University Press - 1997


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