The Bushido Way

The Bushido Way

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The Bushido Way, the first case involving tough Private Investigator Sam Phillips, pits Sam against a new Japanese gang called the Yokohama Black Dragons, who have knocked off the Yakuza in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles during the changing times of the 1970a€™s. Sam takes the case of Michelle Yamada, a young friend of Sama€™s father, who was a P.I. himself and taught Sam the business before he died. Ita€™s 1976, and Sam is one year removed from the Vietnam War thata€™s left Sam physically and emotionally scarred but a man has to make a living. Michelle wants Sam to protect her little brother Ken, who is targeted by the Black Dragons because of him being the Yakuza son of a boss who was murdered by the Black Dragons in Japan. Ken arrives in Los Angeles to escape the eliminations and contract hits on Yakuza bosses and their sons. Sam is helped by his right hand partner, a big and bad former convict named Armstrong Jones, fresh out of prison for almost killing two men, and always lives one mistake from doing hard time. While working on the case, Sam finds out hea€™s fathered an Amerasian kid in Vietnam named Saivon who is brought to Sam by Army personnel. Saivon is five years old and is a reminder of the woman Sam left behind. The Black Rebels are led by blood thirsty Hiroshi Ito, who has tortured and killed rival leaders in Little Tokyo to be the most feared gangster in town. A raid on Hiroshia€™s home by the police with Sam ended up killing Hiroshia€™s girlfriend which sets off a revenge killing spree of detectives involved in the raid and Hiroshi has his sight also on Sam and his involvement. Hiroshi sends out his best men to find Ken, but is met head on by Sam, Armstrong, and a few Army buddies to protect the kid, who wants to change his life. Ita€™s a hard hitting case with sex, love and betrayal with tough guy Sam handing out his own kind of punishment.A ton of emotions are filling me up like a punch in the gut from George Foreman. What am I going to do with a ... Reynolds says his goodbye to Saivon and takes offa€”leaving me without so much as an instruction manual. I look at Miss Bernice anbsp;...

Title:The Bushido Way
Author:M. Anthony Phillips
Publisher:Booktango - 2014-01-13


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