The Brown Government

The Brown Government

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The Brown Government provides an interim evaluation of Gordon Browna€™s Labour administration through identifying continuities and discontinuities with the Blair governments from 1997. By focusing on key ideas and areas of public policy it presents an analysis of the first 18 months of Browna€™s government. This book is notable for its topicality particularly for the discussions of the credit crunch, the British banking crises and the interconnectedness of these events with the global economic downturn. A study of Browna€™s handling of these crises in the economy is important as it is arguable that the present recession and credit crunch will reach unprecedented proportions and therefore define the character and content of British politics in the coming years. By conducting an examination of the Brown Governmenta€™s public policy priorities one can begin to decipher its aims and values and, by so doing, begin to understand the next phase of the New Labour project. In this sense the book is a contribution to the ongoing study of contemporary British social democracy. This book was published as a special issue of Policy Studies.Thatcher and Josepha#39;s project was devised to attack what she perceived were the institutions of socialism, namely the ... and Britaina#39;s industrial manufacturing sectors have played a secondary role to the financial sector it is self-evident that Blair and Brown have, in this respect ... created the Financial Services Authority, maintained corporation tax (albeit at a lower level)16 and 9 A puzzle of ideas and policy.

Title:The Brown Government
Author:Matt Beech, Simon Lee
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-10-18


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