The Brothers Geek

The Brothers Geek

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Nyx Grimm and the twins, Westley and Nigel, were new to Parker's Point High School, and Nyx had high hopes for the future. However, those hopes were dashed by the unfortunate new nickname hung on the twins... the Brothers Geek. Whereas Westley and Nigel embraced the moniker, Nyx, who found himself included, saw his high school career tarnished for good. Then a mysterious event at the local comic shop led Nyx on an unexpected journey and into the heart of a mystery... a mystery the Brothers Geek swore to solve. Move over Encyclopedia Brown, get out of the way Nancy Drew. The Brothers Geek are here, and they are the Hardy Boys for the new generation!a€œSo how is Billie? Shea#39;s pregnant, yes?a€ he asked. a€œHow far along is she?a€ a€œSix months, a€ I said. ... His Wii console was hooked up to the large screen, creating what had to be a surreal video game playing experience. A second wall had aanbsp;...

Title:The Brothers Geek
Author:Kevin Fuss
Publisher:Author House - 2010-02-17


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