The Book of the Morningstar: Rise of the Daemons

The Book of the Morningstar: Rise of the Daemons

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Thousands of years after the rebellion in heaven began, Malachi, a devoted angel, stumbles upon The Book of the Morningstar, which reveals truths about the rebellion Malachi never suspected. His knowledge marks him for death, but before being captured, he sacrifices his own life to protect the truth he has learned. On Earth, all the worlda€™s problems have been solved by the introduction of a clean energy source called the WT Crystal. Alexander is a young university student who struggles with his daily grind. As his stress mounts, Alexander begins to see strange phenomenon and is haunted by dreams of a previous life. With the help of an ally of the angel rebellion, Alexander comes to recognize the soul of Malachi lives within him, as does the untold knowledge he once possessed. Alexander furthermore realizes that Malachia€™s angelic partner, Satarel, is also on Earth, soul fused with that of a human. Alexander begins his quest to find Satarel and bring The Book of the Morningstar to the rebels.They met at an intersection in the center of the courtyard, where there was a set of traffic lights. Alexander ... Along the other road, a blue Honda Fit was approaching the intersection but did not see the speeding, oncoming car. As they bothanbsp;...

Title:The Book of the Morningstar: Rise of the Daemons
Author:Mike Pacholok
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-08-28


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