The Book of Sports Cars - (France and Germany)

The Book of Sports Cars - (France and Germany)

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a€œ... This is a book for which lovers of the automobile have waited a long time: the most comprehensive text-and-picture history of the dual-purpose car since it came to life more than sixty years ago. As the authors of The Book of Sports Cars point out, a€œin the beginning they were all sports cars.a€ The automobile began its active life, whatever the intentions of its creators, as a new instrument of sport. Because the increasing demands of this sport imposed an ever-growing burden of technical development, the sports car and its achievements have never stopped forwarding the improvement of the everyday automobile. Here at last, evolved from years of painstaking research, is a record of what the worlda€™s motorists owe to the dreams and the daring of the men and women of motor sport. In arranging the history of the outstanding marques by countries of origin, the authors have made it plain how first one nation, then another took the lead in developing the automobile as a sporting instrument and hence inevitably as a thing of greater common use and benefit. First Germany led the world, then France, then Great Britain and Italy and the United States. The Book of Sports Cars is a magnificent tribute to the glorious past and the exciting present, a fascinating record of the history that points to the challenging future. A book to be read for pleasure and profit, it will be an invaluable addition to the library of every enthusiast of motoring history...a€ (1959) - BRIGGS CUNNINGHAMDE. DIONBOUTON. Count Mechanic, his relatives and friendsderisivelycalledthe Comte Albert de Dion (he became the Marquis after his father died) when he began to be interested in making automobiles in 1883. A crack duelist and the scionanbsp;...

Title:The Book of Sports Cars - (France and Germany)
Author:Charles Lam Markmann, Mark Sherwin
Publisher:Edizioni Savine - 2014-02-11


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