The Book Of Psalms (Children's Great Bible Texts)

The Book Of Psalms (Children's Great Bible Texts)

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Here is a gold mine for the preacher, the teacher and the father and mother in the home who have it in mind to inculcate sound teaching, based upon the Word of God, so that the boys and girls of the congregations, Sunday-Schools and households may be thoroughly rooted and grounded in the essentials of the Christian faith. There are many volumes in this series of short addresses and they cover the entire range of the holy scriptures, from genesis to revelation. The material gathered here is fresh and varied and there is just enough of it to furnish the groundwork of the preacher's sermon, the Sunday school teacher's talk and the parent's reading and comment. Contents: A Broken Trust. The Apple Of The Eye. What Colour Is Your Lamp? What Is Your Wish? The Banner Of Victory. A Song Of Love And Faith. The Right Kind Of Hands. The Right Kind Of Heart. Mules Or Men? The Right Kind Of Tongue. Ears And No Ears. An Unbecoming Necklace. Slippery Places. Such Is Fame. What Are They? Counting Our Days. Shadows. The Palm Tree. Daisies. One-Roomed Houses. The Great, Wide Sea. Wishes That Sting. The Way To Run. Climbing The Hills. God Everywhere. Darkness And Light. Searching The Cellars. The Door Of Our Lips. Corner Stones. (For Girls.) One Of God's Workmen.Do you know the secret of the palm tree? Do you know why it lives and flourishes when everything around it withers and shrivels up? Because it sends its roots down, down, till they reach some secret spring far below the surface. Do you knowanbsp;...

Title:The Book Of Psalms (Children's Great Bible Texts)
Author:James Hastings
Publisher:Jazzybee Verlag - 2012


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