The Book of Life Questions & Answers

The Book of Life Questions & Answers

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The manual is standard practice from Tivo to tent pitching, yet blatantly omitted when we give birth and arrive on Earth. We are here now with no manual, swimming in a sea of peripheral information, our most basic and primordial questions left unanswered. Who are we? Why are we here? Just as we use a guidebook when visiting a new country for the first time, so too do we value a guidebook during our stay on Earth. The Book of Life Questions a Answers takes us under its wing on an inspiring, compelling behind-the-scenes tour of our world into the depths of our consciousness, navigating the mentality creating the various arenas of our society. By tying together the threads comprising these sectors in a way we can all understand, we begin to make sense of why we relate to each other as we do, why friction persists at the cost of global peace, and grasp solutions along our journey through the book. The shrouded, seemingly complex reasoning driving our human actions is finally untangled and quite beautifully unraveled. The curtains are swept back to plainly reveal how we have unconsciously created the framework of society as we know it today.The aggressor and the hurt, the giver and receiver, are but two complements of one cycle. The hurt become the aggressors when perpetrating rather than ending the cycle. The solution lies in clearing our own issues, which begins byanbsp;...

Title:The Book of Life Questions & Answers
Author:M. Erceg
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2005-11-01


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