The Blue Umbrella

The Blue Umbrella

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When Zac Sparks's mother dies, he's sent to live in Five Corners with his cruel old Aunties. It isn't long before Zac knows something strange is going on. Five Corners is populated with weird charactersa€”a midget butler, a girl who doesn't speak, a blind balloon seller, a mysterious singer, and the Aunties' father, Dada. Zac's first encounter with Dada is so terrifying that he faints dead away. The one bright spot is Sky Porter, a friendly soul who encourages Zac and shows him kindness. But Sky isn't what he seems either, and when Zac learns Sky's amazing secret he sees that this wonderful man may have a very dark side as well. Discovering that Dada is an evil magician who is intent on stealing the ultimate treasure, Zac knows that many lives are at stake, including his own.When Zac Sparksa#39;s mother dies, hea#39;s sent to live in Five Corners with his cruel old Aunties.

Title:The Blue Umbrella
Author:Mike Mason
Publisher:David C Cook - 2009-10-01


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