The Blasphemer

The Blasphemer

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He had always been scared of flying. Now, the fear is real. A plane crash. The water is rising over his mouth. In his nostrils. Lungs. As Daniel gasps, he swallows; and punches at his seat-belt. Nancy, the woman he loves, is trapped in her seat. He clambers over her, pushing her face into the headrest. It is a reflex, visceral action made without rational thought... But Daniel Kennedy did it. And already we have judged him from the comfort of our own lives. Almost a hundred years earlier, Daniel's great-grandfather goes over the top at Passchendaele.A shell explodes, and he wakes up alone and lost in the hell of no-man's-land. Where are the others? Has he been left behind? And if he doesn't find his unit, is he a deserter? Love; cowardice; trust; forgiveness.How will any of us behave when we are pushed to extremes?When nothing happened. she opened up the back of the remote and rolled the batteries around with her thumb. It worked. ... After a while, feeling bored with the film, he extracted himself and opened the metallic lid of his MacBook Air. Unable to ... He picked up the empty wine glass on her davenport desk. it had a print of her lips on its rim and. when he raised it to his nose. he closed his eyes.The scent ofanbsp;...

Title:The Blasphemer
Author:Nigel Farndale
Publisher:Random House - 2010-04-30


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