The Black Book of Modern Myths

The Black Book of Modern Myths

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THE SUPERNATURAL IS EVERYWHERE In your home, on the street, in the countryside, around the world: In Denmark, the ghost of the White Lady, who freezes her quarry with an intense chill. In Germany, a succubus, who seduces and devours its prey. In New Zealand, the ghost of a murdered girl, who scrabbles and scratches at a cubicle wall. In Japan, the sea-dwelling Kappa, who drags young children into the icy depths. In Chile, the Chupacabra, a supernatural creature who kills in our world, before leaving for another. In the UK, Satanic cults inhabit the Cornish countryside, awaiting their next unsuspecting victim. No longer can we ignore the signs. Enter the Black Book if you dare to believe.... 78 Rahman, Soraya 115-16 Randi, James 101 Random Event Generator (REG ) 274-5 Raphael, Archangel 78 Raudive, Dr Konstantin 212 Reeves, George 240 remote hypnosis 165 Remote Influence (RI) 165 remote viewing (RV) 157, 157, anbsp;...

Title:The Black Book of Modern Myths
Author:Alasdair Wickham
Publisher:Random House - 2011-05-05


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