The Biology of Mosquitoes

The Biology of Mosquitoes

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The Biology of Mosquitoes Volume 3: Viral, Arboviral and Bacterial PathogensA N Clements, Professor Emeritus, London School of Hygiene and Tropical MedicineMosquitoes are of significant interest both as transmitters of major diseases and as nuisance insects, and as such are one of the most intensively studied and well-known groups of insects.Following the widely acclaimed first two volumes of The Biology of Mosquitoes, this authoritative review covers viral, arboviral and bacterial pathogens of mosquitoes, with a further volume on malarial, filarial and other parasites to follow.While originally intended as a chapter in the projected third volume Dormancy, Survival, Speciation and Evolution, the important and extensive subjects of parasites and pathogens have instead been devoted two volumes of their own, providing the appropriate breadth and detail of coverage for factors so significant in the survival of adult mosquitoes, and therefore the epidemiology of mosquito-borne diseases.Covering host-parasite interactions, mosquito immune responses and characteristics and transmission of viruses and prokaryotes, this essential reference book is a must-read for entomologists, particularly those involved with mosquitoes as disease vectors or pests both in the laboratory and the field.q Third volume in definitive series on mosquito biologyq Indexed by species and subjectq Illustrated with diagrams and electron micrographsq Uses the new classification and nomenclature for mosquito speciesq Broad coverage of developments in molecular biologyq Synthesis of research from many disparate journals into one comprehensive volumeA fourth volume, Malarial, Filarial and Other Parasites, and the fifth and final volume, Dormancy, Survival, Speciation and Evolution, are in preparation.Praise for previous volumesqThe Biology of Mosquitoes will form an essential source for years to come'AbProfessor Clements' masterly compilation constitutes an indispensable guide for all culicidologists, whether their interests be academic or applied.q - Philip Corbet, Antenna: Bulletin of the Royal Entomological Society(2003) Origins, evolution, and vector/ host coadaptations within the genus Flavivirus. ... B]. and Black, W.C. (2003) Quantitative trait loci conditioning transovarial transmission of La Crosse virus in the eastern treehole mosquito, Ochlerotatus triseriatus. ... (1985) Vector competence of Aedes hendersoni ( Diptera: Culicidae) for La Crosse virus and evidence of a salivary~gland escape barrier. ]. Med. ... (2003) Problems in estimating mosquito infection rates using minimum infection rate. ].

Title:The Biology of Mosquitoes
Author:Alan N. Clements
Publisher:CABI - 2011-01-01


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