The Big Book of Hair Metal

The Big Book of Hair Metal

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DIVIn the 1980s, heavy metal went mainstream. The dark themes and brain-busting riffage of bands like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple suddenly fell out of favora€”replaced by a new legion of metalheads whose themes of girls, partying, girls, drugs, and girls were presented amid shredding solos and power ballads and who were somehow more acceptable to the masses./divDIV /divDIVIn this ultimate guide to the subgenre, acclaimed heavy-metal journalist Martin Popoff examines hair metal in an all-encompassing oral history jacked up by a kaleidoscope of outrageous and previously unpublished quotes, anecdotes, photos, and memorabilia. The Big Book of Hair Metal features the observations of dozens of musicians, producers, promoters, label execs, and hangers-on in examining hair metala€™s rise and fall as well as all the bands that kept Aqua Net in business through the Reagan recession: Twisted Sister, Bon Jovi, Poison, MAptley CrA¼e, Ratt, Warrant, Great White, Whitesnake, Cinderella, Vixen, Skid Row, L.A. Guns, Guns Na€™ Roses, and dozens more. In crafting a narrative of hair metal, Popoff also examines the factors that contributed to the movementa€™s rise (including MTV, Reagana€™s a€œmorning in America, a€ and a general move toward prudish morals); the bands that inspired it (the Sweet, New York Dolls, Alice Cooper, and KISS, for a start); and the scenes that nurtured it (the Sunset Strip, anyone?)./divDIV /divDIVThe ride finally ended circa 1991, when hair metal was replaced by grunge, but what a ride it was. Here it is in all of its primped-up glory./divSmokina#39; Valves: A Headbangera#39;s Guide (2014) 2 Minutes to Midnight: An Iron Maiden Day-by-Day (2013) Metallica: The ... 7th Ed. (2010) A Castle Full of Rascals: Deep Purple a#39;83a€“a#39;09 (2009) Goldmine Record Album Price Guide, 6th Ed.

Title:The Big Book of Hair Metal
Author:Martin Popoff
Publisher:Voyageur Press - 2014-08-15


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