The Benthic Boundary Layer : Transport Processes and Biogeochemistry

The Benthic Boundary Layer : Transport Processes and Biogeochemistry

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The benthic boundary layer is the zone of water and sediment immediately adjacent to the bottom of a sea, lake, or river. This zone is of considerable interest to biologists, geochemists, sedimentologists, and engineers because of very strong gradients of energy, dissolved and solid chemical components, suspended matter, and the number of organisms that live there. It is, for example, the sink for anthropogenic substances and the home of microscopic plant life that provides the nutrients that determine fish populations--and ultimately the size of the fisheries. This book of original chapters edited by Professors Boudreau and Jorgensen, both leading researchers in the field, will meet the need for an up-to-date, definitive text/reference on measurements, techniques, and models for transport and biochemical processes in the benthic boundary layer. Each chapter provides a comprehensive review of a selected field, with illustrated examples from the authors' own work. The book will appeal to professionals and researchers in marine biology, marine chemistry, marine engineering, and sedimentology.Bhatia, J. C., Durst, F., and Jovanovic, J. (1982) Corrections of hot-wire anemometer measurements near walls. Jour. ... Bruun, H. H. (1995) Hot- Wire Anemometry: Principles and Signal Analysis. Oxford ... Part I: Description and usera#39;s manual.

Title:The Benthic Boundary Layer : Transport Processes and Biogeochemistry
Author:Bernard P. Boudreau School of Ocean and Earth Sciences Southampton Oceanography Center, Bo Barker Jorgensen Director Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2001-02-26


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