The Bend of the World: A Novel

The Bend of the World: A Novel

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a€œBacharach has a great comic voicea€” shrewd, deadpan, and dirtya€”and The Bend of the World fears no weirdness.a€a€”Sam Lipsyte a€œMighty strange doingsa€ mark the Pittsburgh of Jacob Bacharacha€™s audacious and hilarious debut novel, a town where a€œyeti, UFOs, rumors of orgiastic rites, intimations of the Mayan apocalypse and a€˜psycho-temporal distortionsa€™ add that extra zing to the bustling night lifea€ (James Wolcott). On the edge of thirty, and comfortably adrift in life, Peter Morrison finds his personal and professional life taking a turn for the weird as his attempts to transition into adulthood are thwarted by conspiracies both real and imagined. In this madcap coming-of-age novel, where no one quite comes of age, Bacharach brings an a€œimmensely entertaininga€ and a€œVonnegut-like sensibilitya€ (Library Journal ) to the a€œaptly surreal satirea€ (Dan Chaon) of hipsters, corporations, and American life in the adolescent years of the twenty-first century. a€œA disarming, intelligent and seriously funny debut, a€ The Bend of the World a€œmarks the arrival of Jacob Bacharach as a writer to watcha€ (Bob Hoover, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).What the fuck is a Keurig? Kcups, man. Singleserving. Oh, I said. Yeah. The pod things. Isna#39;t that wasteful? Totally, he said. ... to figure out the machine. Coffee, I said. Do you know how to do this? Yup, he said, and he made me a cup of coffee.

Title:The Bend of the World: A Novel
Author:Jacob Bacharach
Publisher:W. W. Norton & Company - 2014-04-14


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