The Beginning of Sorrows

The Beginning of Sorrows

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Popular, dedicated nature worshiper, Aristide Luca Therion, becomes President of the waning United States of America when President Biship Beckwith dies in a fiery plane crash. Therion implements Project Final Unity, an electrical blackout covertly contrived by the German Union allies and Minden Lauer, Therion's spiritual mistress. The blackout is soon out of control, shutting down the entire country and bringing about chaos, anarchy, and famine. Will believers be able to once again bring hope or is this The Beginning of Sorrows? Note from Publisher: Due to the overall sales of the first two books in the Omega Trilogy, we regret to report that the third book, Seven Golden Vials, will not be releasing. However, we are happy to announce a new series from Gilbert Morris, debuting in the spring of 2003, tentatively titled qThe Creoles.q Be looking for the first book to hit bookshelves early next year.youa#39;re a really bad liar. ... Maps so good that you know where all the little bunnies are, and the yellow flowers as opposed to the red ones, and every anthill?a€ a€œWell, sir, Sergeant David Mitchella€”hea#39;s our Everymana€”has done some manual observations during our helo exercises, a€ Con explained ... a€œBlasted tarantula- kissers.

Title:The Beginning of Sorrows
Author:Gilbert Morris
Publisher:Thomas Nelson Inc - 1999-09-20


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