The Bankster Busters' Bible

The Bankster Busters' Bible

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WHAT THIS BOOK IS ABOUT AND WHY IT IS IMPORTANT This is the book the Banksters DO NOT want you to read! G. Malcolm Doney, Author The title of this Book conveys a great deal of what this subject is about. It is the Bankster Bustersa€™ Bible and carries the sub-title How to Fight the Banks and Win, which was the title of the first on-line publication by this author in 2009. So what exactly is a Bankster? Well it sounds a lot like Gangster and the icon on the booka€™s cover is meant to convey that meaning. This title was bestowed upon the Banking industry during The Great Depression following the 1929 Stock Market Crash and in the opinion of the author no title was more justly deserved. Since those terrible days deliberately orchestrated by Banksters, those interrelated industries that control our entire financial system have become even more skilled at the manipulation of the apparent value of fiat money and real assets to its advantage, all behind a mask of respectability, but to the considerable disadvantage of the American people and the rest of the worlda€™s population. In 1914 the Banking industry pulled its biggest confidence trick ever when it persuaded the American Congress and its then President to create the Federal Reserve a€“ a private bank a€“ and to delegate to the owners and controllers of that private bank the power to create and control the countrya€™s legal tender a€“ the US Dollar. Once that scam was securely established as part of the system and the people got used to it, the powers of the Feds as they became known, were stealthily increased until most citizens in the United States, now mistakenly believe that it is a government department whose function is to control the economy by ironing out the excess highs and lows of natural market forces. The truth is that it actually deliberately creates those excesses in order to subject Americans to the cruelest tax of all time, that of the hidden costs of the manipulation of the Dollar and other world currencies. Examples of how this has worked to the disadvantage of Americans are the many stock market debacles and the manipulation of foreign currencies to force devaluations.Simultaneously, Wells Fargo would open abank account in the name(s) of the investors [say the XYZPension Fund]. Remember thisis liability and notanasset ofthe Bankster butusingthat liability to incur another liability attheFederal Reserve ... by a#39;Wholesale Lendersa#39; who were in reality Wells Fargo Bank [in our example] who controlled the funds as a Bank but ... Rememberit hasto have a start point andanend point andtodocument every intermittent transfer of ownership of the loans.

Title:The Bankster Busters' Bible
Author:G. Malcolm Doney
Publisher: - 2014-05-24


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