The Ball Python Manual

The Ball Python Manual

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Written by a team of internationally respected herpetologists led by Philippe de Vosjoli, The Ball Python Manual is an authoritative introduction to this popular snake. The ball python is admired around the world for its distinctly African appearance and its relative medium size and tameability. This colorful manual offers up-to-date and reliable information on selection, acclimating, handling, housing and maintaining ball pythons, all of which will be extremely valuable to newcomers to this remarkable python. Dr. Roger Klingenberga€™s chapter on health care is indispensable for all snake keepers with excellent advice for troubleshooting health issues for each of the snakea€™s anatomical regions. The breeding chapter by David and Tracy Barker discusses sexing, sexual maturity, and all aspects of captive reproduction and hatching. he volume concludes with resources and a complete index.Thermostats Thermostats provide an effective way to control the temperature in your ball python enclosures. Several types are currently marketed in the reptile trade, but only a few specialized pet stores stock them, so you will probably need toanbsp;...

Title:The Ball Python Manual
Author:Philippe De Vosjoli
Publisher:i5 Publishing - 2012-01-03


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