The Baby Twins

The Baby Twins

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A pilot's widow, Stephanie Olmstead isn't afraid of flyinga€buntil the plane takes off, triggering a panic attack! Suddenly, the single mother of twins has a new man in her life. Brady McGuire, the pilot who saved her from a major meltdown, now sees himself as her protector. And friend. Between flying and moving across the country to be closer to his daughter, Brady's life is hectic enough. But ever since he played hero, he can't stay away from the gorgeous single mom and her infant girls. That's when things start happening really fast. But is Stephanie ready to move on? Brady has his doubts. One thing's for sure, it's going to be a bumpy ride!a€œLeta#39;s see...a€ He stretched his legs out and rubbed his chest. a€œAfter downing a few fast-food burgers, I might play a little PS3 or devour the ownera#39;s manual of Boeinga#39;s 787 Dreamliner.a€ Laughing, she said, a€œThata#39;s some serious entertainment.

Title:The Baby Twins
Author:Laura Marie Altom
Publisher:Harlequin - 2010-05-01


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