The Baby Boomers First-Hand, First-Year Guide to Retirement

The Baby Boomers First-Hand, First-Year Guide to Retirement

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Ever wonder what really happens that first year after you retire? I'm talking about the day-to-day emotions, feelings, projects, questions, anxieties... the ups and downs of this very important next step in one's life after some 25/30/35/40 years of formal work? Well, my qThe Baby Boomers First-Hand/First-Year Guide to Retirement... 365 Days of Bliss (???!!!) or Diss (Not???!!!)q could provide some insight for those recently retired or contemplating retirement. This 365 day (from January 17, 2013 to January 17, 2014) daily journal allows the reader to follow along as I experience the chores, the life; the new budgeting, the wife a€” the questions, the emotions; some answers and hopefully some solutions. qFirst-Handq is an easy-to-read/fast page turner; a humorous collection of thoughts and stuff... it does not hit you over the head with heavy retirement questions regarding pensions or 401(k) requirements; or statistics such as inflation projections, investment facts, tax shelters, financial formulas, etc... My book is simply a personal essay of my first 365 days of retirement, featuring real names and real people. Included are personal pictures and anecdotes of my 2013 journey that sheds light on the everyday minutia of retired life. I self-published my first book qSQUARE SQUIRE a THE JOURNEY TO DREAMSTATEq in 2012. I have a completed children's short story collection qLongTALES for shortTAILSq a€” currently being illustrated; and I have a young adult/short story collection qWord Food for Doodsq ready for publishing. I am presently working on a novella about a jive/hipster dude cat called qDiddley Squatt.qcopy of the release a€“ and ask him to please expedite the situation so I can get this dentist escapade over. Ia#39;m frustrated bythe time the ... June 4, 2013 a€“ Day 139 of Retirement Tuesday. I received an early morning ... Ilove this screwball is a great movie and just perfect to lift my spirits up. That Jonathan Wintersanbsp;...

Title:The Baby Boomers First-Hand, First-Year Guide to Retirement
Author:Duane Lance Filer
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-07-13


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