The Awakening of Global Consciousness

The Awakening of Global Consciousness

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One of the world's leading spiritual teachers returns with an inspiring and provocative message with solutions to our planetary crises, offering effective steps to change the world and integrate all levels of our Being. Religion is psychological entrapment promoting the controlled behavior of the herd civilization. Institutionalized organized religion is the cause of enslavement, violence, prejudice, hatred, classism, and war. False religious institutions created god in their own personal image and after the likeness of their own mind for control and money. Every religious holy book has been altered, dissected, rewritten, and censored to appear as the word of God, and all the gods of religious holy books are controlled by fundamentalists. Organized religion is a serious threat to the human race and a mental illness that afflicts over 80% of the world's population. It has nothing to do with spirituality and is no more than a collection of unholy lies. The spiritual terrorism of religion frowns upon free will, dispises questions, prohibits doubt, and survives on blind faith. Eternal life with God is only promised to the obedient religious-slaves who unconditionally follow rigid religious belief structures. This mythology was created based on division, not unity. Control is the essence of evil. The easiest way to control humanity is through fear, which is why the religious Elite created gods of intimidation and fear; to control others and solicit money. qThe Awakening of Global Consciousness is a must read for the millions who've read Jawara's earlier classic books and a great beginning for those unfamiliar with his great works questioning the validity of the world's three major religions.q... and relocated to NJ to put my life in their hands only to end up losing my car, losing the Volvo XC90 they bought me, ... My publisher AuthorHousea#39;s online Fact sheet, updated in 2008, reports selling more than 2.5 million books in 2008.

Title:The Awakening of Global Consciousness
Author:Jawara D. King, D.D.
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-07-26


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