The Aught-Sixers

The Aught-Sixers

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Howard Hambone Hamblin, Hal Peterson, and Charles Belcher, three retired working-class heroes who are dismayed by the onset of globalization and the illegal immigration that goes along with it, set out to do something to rectify the situation. Their efforts bring them into conflict with enemies that theyd never recognized as enemies before, and their task becomes overwhelming and daunting. Bonnie Cummings, a young woman with big dreams and high aspirations, encounters a similar problem in another part of California, but she takes a far different tact in an effort to overcome, and is forced to deal with drug lords, street thugs, and sociopathic killers. In the end, their trails become entangled, and the enormity of the problem is exposed from multiple angles.Still, even with the tall gears His auxiliary transmission provided, I lambone tried to stav within a few miles an hour of the speed limit. ... public to be on the lookout for an older man with white hair driving a nineteen- fifties vintage, dark blue Dodge pickup, ... By now, they knew Rodriguez had been killed by a high- powered .257 caliber rifle, fired from the fifth floor of the ... loud, screaming into the wind that rushed by his drivera#39;s side window, and it helped to take his mind off his problems.

Title:The Aught-Sixers
Author:Robert Bennett
Publisher:Robert Bennett - 2005-05-01


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