The Artist as Producer

The Artist as Producer

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qThe Artist as Producer confronts the problem of making a politics with art. Gough's balanced rigor in mining obscure archives on the one hand, while performing brilliant readings of recalcitrant artworks on the other gives her account of Constructivism's utopian promise and less-than-utopian outcome great texture. She has produced something very rare: an art-historical study that not only adds to our knowledge but captures the intense poignancy of modern art's serious ambition to undertake a revolution of--and with--form.q--David Joselit, Professor, History of Art, Yale University qTo see a sculptor plunging into the politics and the cultural politics of the factory floor is a rare sight indeed in art history. It takes immense historical discipline to do it justice. Maria Gough takes the 'author as producer' question dear to Marxist aesthetics (think of Walter Benjamin, but think also of Trotsky, of Gramsci) and raises it into new relevance. The question always was and is a motor. This book shows us, beautifully, how and why.q--Molly Nesbit, Professor of Art, Vassar College qThe Artist as Producer is a remarkable and impressive piece of scholarship, which challenges existing assumptions about Soviet Constructivism and demands that we rethink the movement in its entirety.q--Christina Lodder, author of Russian ConstructivismThe question always was and is a motor. This book shows us, beautifully, how and why.

Title:The Artist as Producer
Author:Maria Gough
Publisher:Univ of California Press - 2005


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