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This landmark publication has been thoroughly revised and brought up to date in the Second Edition. Doctor Ellen G. Horovitz shares over thirty-five years of experience as she transliterates evidence-based art therapy into medical terminology. This treatise spells out the how-to's behind producing art therapy assessments, process notes, significant sessions, objectives and modalities, termination summaries and internet-based assessments into translatable documentation, designed to dovetail within an interdisciplinary medical model. This step-by-step methodology fashions these reports, places art therapy on equal footing with all mental health workers and generates records, which serves as points of departure for future practitioners. The experienced clinician will gather pertinent skills to enhance his or her practice. The student or seasoned graduate will harness the necessary armament to write clinically-based reports that serve as a model for the field, and educators can use this manual as a teaching tool. The Appendices (A-L) provide a wealth of information and forms to use in a clinically-based art therapy practice. Recording and communicating clinical findings in a cogent manner to a clinical medical and/or educational team is the trademark of this opus. In addition, there is a DVD located in the back of this book where the reader will find all the Appendix Forms, all images in color (by chapter) and three movies on conducting the CATA, ATDA and BATA. This must-have reference manual amasses information that will serve as a companion guide for every art therapist (neophyte or seasoned) to formulate clinical reports, and it will aid clients towards a trajectory of wellness, recovery and, above all, health. Through the guidance of Horovitz's milestone text, art therapists will not only walk the walk, but more significantly, learn how to talk the talk. NOTE: The digital companion materials are not included in the ebook version of this title. They can be downloaded separately at www.ccthomas.comA Clinical Guide to Writing Assessments, Diagnosis and Treatment (2nd Ed.) Ellen G. Horovitz ... scored the test using the Bender Gestalt II: Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test: examinera#39;s manual (Brannigan aamp; Decker, 2003). Corrinea#39;s scores on both the copy and recall phases of the test fell into the a€œvery higha€ range.

Author:Ellen G. Horovitz
Publisher:Charles C Thomas Publisher - 2014-12-01


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